Wine is our passion. Making it, tasting it and working the land throughout the year so that it can happen again – this is what we are all about.

We are dedicated to natural, organic methods of vine-growing and wine-making and offer our expertise to local producers.


Fifteen years of intensive work in the vineyards of Burgundy, Champagne, Bordeaux and more have convinced us that the entire growing process (plantation, setting up poles and canopies, pruning, plowing, bud control and organic treatments) must be based on proper methods and organization if we want to achieve good yields and quality of the vineyards and save time and money for the later work in the cellar.

Our advice and work have been helpful to many estates in France, Denmark and Bulgaria. Just ask us about the possibilities we can offer to improve the management of your vineyards.


In 2017 we started to produce our own natural sparkling wine (white and rose) in our new cellar located in Pchelishte near the medieval capital city of Veliko Turnovo.

We chose Bulgaria because of its complex geography, nice slopes, rich soils and contrasted continental climate, which combined together enable the production of rich and intense grapes and thus wines. The Thracian valley, the Black Sea coast and the Danubian plain were producing wine already 4000 years B.C. and exporting it to ancient Greece and Asia Minor. In the 20th century, Bulgaria has developed many different local varieties and introduced large scale Western, mostly French, methods of production. Today, the country has a flourishing wine scene with increasing number of authentic, quality wines and a fast growing BIO sector.


Our ambition is to be a dynamic force for good on that market not only as  Consultants and Producers but also as Promoters of the best wines in the country.  That is why we  work closely with the finest Bulgarian estates in order to select and present their best produce on the Scandinavian market in the manner that they deserve.