We believe that the right way to produce a thing is the simple one – conscious, truthful, caring.

We see our efforts as part of a new wave of people and companies that know the intrinsic value of clean, organic food and want to provide a better lifestyle for all.

Erik has been working in the vineyards  of some of the most renowned domains in Burgundy, Champagne, St Emilion and others for 15 years. Inspired by a strong belief in the values of organic agriculture, he pioneered the return to horse ploughing with astounding effects for the vineyards. He teaches these methods and consults local producers in France, Bulgaria and Denmark. His other passions include cooking,  long john bikes and rock climbing.

Deso comes from a family of wine-makers but made his career in academia and business. After studying politics and philosophy at universities in Bulgaria, Hungary and Belgium, he started a business consultancy firm, specializing in foreign investment projects and later joined an IT Research & Development company, designing software solutions for the Benelux market. He teaches and to write philosophy books, and thoroughly enjoys the return to his family roots and the possibility to work on a business with a soul.