Welcome to Angels’ Kitchen, the place for top quality truffles and wine from Bulgaria.

Coming from years of experience in wine growing, business developement and academia, we have joined our skills and passions for a good cause. Our mission is to offer to the Scandinavian market the best wine and food following the rich traditions of Bulgaria and France.

Based both in Copenhagen and Sofia, we are devoted to building bridges between markets, culinary traditions and people in a fair, organic way.



With its large sparsely populated regions, covering mountains and valleys with mild continental climate, Bulgaria has proven itself  ideal for truffles of rich aroma and taste.

White truffles (Tuber magnatum), Burgundy (Tuber uncinatum), Summer Black truffles (Tuber aestivum) and more – the country has it all.

We are absolutely committed to the highest quality of selection and preservation and deliver the product straight after harvesting.


Wine is our passion. Making it, tasting it and working the land throughout the year so that it can happen again – this is what we are all about.

We are dedicated to natural, organic methods of vine-growing and wine-making and offer our expertise to local producers.

Fifteen years of intensive work in the vineyards of Burgundy, Champagne, Bordeaux and more have convinced us that the entire growing process (plantation, setting up poles and canopies, pruning, plowing, bud control and organic treatments) must be based on proper methods and organization if we want to achieve good yields and quality of the vineyards and save time and money for the later work in the cellar.

Our advice and work have been helpful to many estates in France, Denmark and Bulgaria. Just ask us about the possibilities we can offer to improve the management of your vineyards.

In 2017 we started to produce our own natural sparkling wine (white and rose) in our new cellar located in Pchelishte near the medieval capital city of Veliko Turnovo.

Our ambition is to be a dynamic force for good on that market not only as  Consultants and Producers but also as Promoters of the best wines in the country.  That is why we  work closely with the finest Bulgarian estates in order to select and present their best produce on the Scandinavian market in the manner that they deserve. 

Why Bulgaria?

Bulgaria has a  complex geography, nice slopes, rich soils and contrasted continental climate, which enable the production of rich and intense grapes and thus wines.

The Thracian valley, the Black Sea Coast and the Danubian plain were producing wine already 5000 years B.C., exporting it to ancient Greece and Asia Minor. The Greek wine rituals and festivals devoted to Dionysus had Thracian origins, and Bulgaria is littered with archeological sites and temples dedicated to wine and wine making. Amazingly, much of the ancient grape varieties are still preserved today, forming the basis of a booming new wine industry that wants to make the best of the tradition, in the very same old terroirs of Thrace.

In the twentieth century, the country imported Western (mostly French) grape varieties and methods of production, becoming a major wine exporter with a significant market in Great Britain and the Benelux countries. The fall of the Berlin wall gave the beginning of many new, independent wine makers, eager to restore the local knowledge and traditions, while making full use of the best modern technology and styles of wine making.

Today, the country has a flourishing wine scene with increasing number of authentic, quality wine producers, and a fast-growing BIO sector. The wine regions are very much the same as they have been in ancient times, but with a renewed sense of dedication for quality and originality


We believe that the right way to produce a thing is the simple one – conscious, truthful, caring.

We see our efforts as part of a new wave of people and companies that know the intrinsic value of clean, organic food and want to provide a better lifestyle for all.

Erik has been working in the vineyards  of some of the most renowned domains in Burgundy, Champagne, St Emilion and others for 15 years. Inspired by a strong belief in the values of organic agriculture, he pioneered the return to horse ploughing with astounding effects for the vineyards. He teaches these methods and consults local producers in France, Bulgaria and Denmark. His other passions include cooking,  long john bikes and rock climbing.

Deso comes from a family of wine-makers but made his career in academia and business. After studying politics and philosophy at universities in Bulgaria, Hungary and Belgium, he started a business consultancy firm, specializing in foreign investment projects and later joined an IT Research & Development company, designing software solutions for the Benelux market. He teaches and to write philosophy books, and thoroughly enjoys the return to his family roots and the possibility to work on a business with a soul.